Customer-centric solutions

Real estate is the world’s largest product category. Ironically, it is probably also the world’s least customer-centric industry. At Nrep, we’re taking a different approach. When others see an asset, we see a product – and when some see a tenant, we see a user, our customer.

We build real estate solutions, based on customer-centric concepts that solve problems and deliver real value. All Nrep solutions are different, because they address different problems and serve different needs. So, by design, they are specific to their customer segment. But at the heart of all our solutions is a combination of true customer insight, a clear value-adding concept and a frontrunning approach to sustainability.

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Care homes that stimulate well-being


City-close flex space facilities


Student housing with shared spaces


Offices to thrive in – for businesses and employees

  • From properties to people

    “The real estate industry has traditionally looked at real estate as an asset class, but when designing real estate, you have to take the perspective of the user. This belief has led us to take a very customer centric approach.”
    Rune Kock, CEO