Local community retail centres play a vital role for the suburban communities they serve, but many of them have been left neglected for decades.

Realising the untapped value in these places, Stadsdelscentrum helps local necessity-driven retail centres thrive, giving the communities new pulse and life.

Fulfilling everyday needs

Stadsdelcentrum focuses on creating vibrant, accessible, and safe city centre environments, offering residents a wide range of services, such as health clinics, schools, grocery stores, and attractive residentials.

The local centres are serving the everyday needs of communities in growing suburbs of Stockholm, in order to make a positive impact for residents, commercial tenants, and municipalities. Stadsdelscentrum develops the facilities with a long-term perspective in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

To actively contribute to positive urban development, the centres’ impact on the climate is lowered through resource and energy efficient measurements, and the facilities run on 100 percent renewable energy.

Stadsdelscentrum focuses on growing regions in the Greater Stockholm area and is a joint venture between Nrep and Grandholm Gruppen.