Impact where needed most

NREP wants to continually leave a positive impact on our surroundings, be it employees, the local communities or other stakeholders

Taking responsibility

Environmental sustainability

NREP considers effective environmental risk management and sustainability a prerequisite to operate, but we also see it as an integrated part of ensuring and improving the long term value of our investments. Effective environmental management not only mitigates potential future risks and liabilities, but is also an opportunity to directly improve both net operating income, capital requirements and residual value.

Social responsibility

NREP is committed to establish sustainable relationships with the local stakeholders impacted by our businesses to ensure mutual respect and understanding, active partnership and a long term sustainable commitment. Well beyond mere regulatory compliance, NREP’s ambition is to have a positive impact on the local communities in which we invest.

0% Of our profit goes to charity

N-Power Fund

In 2013 NREP launched the N-Power Fund, a program designed to help people in need around the world. The N-Power program receives funding through a 10% allocation of NREP’s profits. NREP team members present proposals of charities to be supported by the N-Power Fund and if a proposal is approved the fund contibutes financially and team members can take time from work to engage in the project.


Among other initiatives, the N-Power Fund is a founding partner of the Human Practice Foundation and takes an active engagement in that charity’s board and project work (see below). Examples of other Projects that have been supported by the fund include “MYC4” (micro loans to entrepreneurs in Africa), “BRIS” (Children’s Rights in Society), “Maternity Foundation” and UN Live.

Human Practice Foundation

In 2014, the N-Power Fund was a co-founder of the innovative charity Human Practice Foundation, which is currently one of the main focus areas of the fund. The Human Practice Foundation primarily supports projects aimed at elevating the living standards in indigenous countries in the developing world with a business and investment approach and with local anchoring. The targeted areas of emphasis are education and agriculture.


The activities of the Human Practice Foundation are in line with NREP’s ambition to support projects that build long term economic empowerment. In addition to being the single largest financial donor, NREP is providing offices and other support for the Human Practice Foundation, including staff time.

Human Practice Foundation

Lendager Group

Stepping beyond mere focus on energy efficiency, in 2014 NREP made a strategic decision to invest in the Lendager Group, a Company specializing in circular economies and sustainable constructions. The strategic investment and partnership gives NREP access to expertise that allows it to improve the life cycle foot print of  new developments, for example by constructing houses using upcycled demolition materials that would otherwise have become waste. Good for the environment, good for business.

Lendager Group