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Across several Nordic cities, we work with local real estate projects that help create a vibrant environment for inhabitants, workers and visitors. Solid necessity retail solutions and other services such as hotels often play an important role for local communities. With our strong strategic and operational expertise, our local teams help revitalise community areas. We also engage in other relevant opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Find a few examples below.

Revitalising the local community centre

In Herlev just outside Copenhagen, we invest in creating a new and vibrant city centre for the municipality together with CASA A/S. In 2023, the city hall will move to the centre next to a small shopping mall, residentials, and offices preparing a dynamic square around the upcoming light rail.

A classic hotel with a greener future

Clarion Hotel Amaranten is a recent stand-alone hotel investment in Stockholm. Our ambition is to ensure a high-quality property over time, with a focus on bringing sustainability improvements to the building. Nordic Choice Hotels is the operator of the hotel.

Local necessity retail

In a joint venture with Grandholm Gruppen, we own five community service centres in the Stockholm region. The centres largely consist of health clinics, schools, care homes and grocery stores. Furthermore, the ambition is to develop more residential buildings in connection to the centres.

New life to a troubled building

For years, a building in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, struggled to find its right purpose. When Nrep took over, we invited the creative Dutch hotel concept CityHub to the property to open their first site outside the Netherlands. The building has been completely revitalised with sleeping hubs, lounge areas and communal facilities.

Related solutions

From stand-alone to scale

When solving local problems, we apply both well-tested and new solutions. Sometimes, the new solutions we create hold a potential to be applied elsewhere. In that case, we incubate the ideas and prepare them to be further scaled. 

Most recently, we took experiences from stand-alone office projects in Helsinki and Copenhagen, and combined these with further market research and product development. The result was the launch of a new, flexible office solution, Woods. 

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