Nrep Logistics amends its name to Logicenters – the leading provider of modern logistics properties in the Nordics

September 16, 2015

Nordic Real Estate Partners (Nrep) today announced the launch of Logicenters – a common brand that will be used by Nrep’s logistics asset management team. Logicenters will establish itself as the leading pan-Nordic provider of modern logistics properties with over 1,000,000 square meters across Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The launch shows Nrep’s continued focus and investments in the sector and solidifies Logicenters position as the most relevant partner to new and existing tenants.

As the most active developer of modern logistics properties in the last decade Nrep is today managing one of the largest property portfolios in the fast growing logistics segment, all located in strategic locations along the key transportation routes of the Nordics. Through a relentless focus on quality and building specifications, virtually all of the properties in the portfolio satisfy the requirements on flexibility and efficiency demanded by the leading logistics operators of today.

“The consistent high quality building specifications and excellent geographical footprint truly distinguishes us from the vast majority of our competitors. We are dedicated specialists in modern logistics properties in prime locations and strive to excel in finding intelligent solutions for our tenants” says Rickard S. Dahlberg, Co-CIO and Partner at Nrep.

With Logicenters as a dedicated brand, Nrep will extend its presence and visibility on the market to be able to capture more development and acquisition opportunities, enabling tenants to grow and realizing additional value for shareholders. The launch of the brand also signals an increase in internal focus and resource allocation in Nrep’s logistics asset management service.

“We realised that with the current scale of the modern logistics platform we are managing, we need to invest internally and increase our focus to continue to stay on the front line of innovation in the sector. We are also going to work more closely with our tenants, municipalities and other key stakeholders to increase our relevance as a partner and enabler of their growth agendas.”, says Jonas Kennerhed, Asset Manager at Nrep.

For additional information please contact:

Rickard S. Dahlberg, Nrep +46 8 678 16 61

Gustaf Lilliehöok, Nrep +45 21 12 04 41