Dixi shopping centre now opens for customers

February 17, 2015

The opening of Dixi shopping centre has exceeded all expectations and more than 60,000 visitors came to the opening event on January 15th.

Dixi is located at the Tikkurila railway station in Helsinki and serves travelers and local residents with a diversified selection of necessity driven retail, services and restaurants. The currently opened first phase of the centre consists of approximately 5,200sqm of leasable retail space and 30 stores. A second phase development of the centre, bringing the total leasable retail space to 9,000sqm, is expected to be completed in late 2016.

”Dixi is a modern shopping centre located in direct connection with a very busy railway station. Our aim is to establish Dixi as the most functional and best serving retail centre along the rail road network in Finland”, says Joonas Lemström, Asset Manager at Nrep.

“The combination of a strong necessity driven concept and a location at one of the busiest railway stations in Finland gives the investment good stability”, says Jani Nokkanen, Partner at Nrep.

For additional information please contact:

Jani Nokkanen, Partner, Nrep +358 45 122 8002

Joonas Lemström, Asset Manager, Nrep +358 50 327 3493

Petri Valkama, Investment Manager, Nrep +358 40 833 7643

Published: February, 17 2015