Geothermal pilot

Pioneering zero emission heating

To develop low-emission heating, NREP completed a pilot for medium-deep geothermal zero emission heating system at our Koskelonkuja logistics property in Finland. The pilot was pioneering a medium-deep geothermal heating system that can heat as well as cool large property complexes in a nearly emission-free manner.

Affordable and
emission-free heat

Developed by QHeat, this geothermal solution can produce up to 40 times more heat energy than traditional ground heat. The drilling of the deep geothermal well began at the end of July 2019, and the well’s heat production began in January 2020.

Koskelonkuja medium-deep geothermal heat is estimated to produce more than 1,000 MWh of heat energy per year, which equals the heat consumption of approximately three apartment buildings. The system covers 60-80% of the 16,000 square metres logistic property’s heating and the technology enables the property’s cooling during the summer.


  • Project type: Pilot for medium-deep geothermal zero emission heating systems in urban areas

  • Location: Koskelonkuja logistics property, Espoo, Finland

  • Heat capacity for: 20,000 square metres

  • Annual savings: 45-50,000 EUR

  • Completion: 2020

  • Impact potential: In Finland, deep geothermal offers the potential to achieve a 95% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 20% reduction in energy cost compared to typical district heating

A green future beneath our feet

Medium-deep geothermal heat production enables near-zero emission heating and cooling for larger real estate projects in places where it is otherwise not possible to achieve low-emission power generation, such as dense urban areas.

Advanced drilling technology and heat extraction method makes it possible to utilize 2-kilometre wells with sufficient high temperature to meet the water temperature needs of end-user infrastructure. The collector pipe is Vacuum Insulated Tubing, allowing close to zero heat loss. Industrial size and efficient heat pump system close to end user makes waste heat recovery economical and practical.

  • “The heating of buildings represents approximately one-fourth of the total energy consumption most of this energy is produced with fossil fuels. The only way we can reach our goal of using only renewable energy in our properties is to pilot and scale new solutions such as deep geothermal.”

    Jani Nokkanen